Saba Italia Les Femmes Sofa


Manufacturer:?Saba Italia

Les Femmes is characterized by its soft, enveloping shape, it is an innovative modular couch with a high backrest and a comfortable seat. Its original design permits a wide variety of arrangements, using just three elements.The backrest and armrest can be variably positioned, creating an appealing, versatile seating range. With a raised backrest and armrest, Les Femmes is a snug, reassuring sofa; with the armrest lowered it is different and appealing; lowering the backrest makes it feisty and fun. The backrest and the armrest can be folded outwards by a special swivel device which enables a quick, fluid manoeuvre with a simple movement of the hand.
Design: Giuseppe Vigan?
Dimensions:?Composition 1: L 339 x W 170 x H 95 cm
Composition 2: L 312 xW 95 x H 95 cm

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